Award Trainer Skills Course (Level 1)

Award Trainer Skills Course (Level 1)

Award Trainer Skills training

Why attend the training?

The Award Trainer Skills training will provide trainers with the skills, knowledge and competencies to understand the adult learner, explore blended learning & delivery methods, style and content facilitate consistent and quality workshops for Adults in the Award.

You will also become familiar with the content of the Delivery of Award workshop that you will facilitate in terms of the learning outcomes, structure, activities and role plays.


Who should attend the training?

All new voluntary Award trainers.

The Level 1 online course can be used as a refresher course for all existing volunteer Award trainers.



Please find a guide below that trainers in the Award Association can use to access articles, podcasts, videos and online courses to develop their online/virtual facilitation skills:

Resources for developing online facilitation skills April 2020

Course Materials