Online Record Book (ORB) for Award Leaders

Online Record Book (ORB) for Award Leaders

ORB – 2.1.1 – Award Leader User Guide

The Online Record Book (ORB) is a web platform that allow participants to record their activities and submit their awards, and also allow Award Leaders to monitor participants’ progress and approve submitted Awards.


These videos are for Award Leaders who are participating to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme. It provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to use the new Online Record Book web interface.


Once logged on to the Online Record Book you will be able to view your To-Do List displayed as the landing page.


From your To-Do List you can manage different Award sections and activities such as:

  • Accept new participants who have not yet been assigned to an Award Leader
  • Review and approve new registrations
  • Review and approve/ask for revision of any new activity request
  • Review and approve/ask for revision of any requests of section sign-off (including Adventurous Journeys)
  • Review and approve/ask for revision of any requests of Award sign-off


Once a participant has started their Award activities, the Award Leader’s role is to mentor them through their Award with advice and encouragement.


Via the Online Record Book, Award Leaders are able to manage either all participants registered to their Unit or participants assigned to them personally, depending on the settings set by their National Operator/Regional Office.


The Online Record Book can be accessed via this link.


The Award Leader User Guide can be downloaded below:

Online Record Book (ORB) – Award Leader User Guide (English)

Online Record Book (ORB) – Award Leader Panduan user (Indonesian)

Version 2.1.1

Course Materials


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  • It was wonderful doing the course, it was interactive and I learnt a lot. I will go over it a few times.
    Question: will I have a certificate now that I finish the course or I have more to do? Thank you.

    David King Reply
    • Learning Manager

      Good day,

      Thank you for the positive comment, we value your feedback and comments.

      There is no certificate issued for this course, as there is no assessment.

      It was designed so Award Leaders can go back and re-watch a section again.

      Kind regards,

      Heyns du Bruyn
      Learning & Development Manager

      Learning Manager Reply
  • The course was very informative..have learnt a lot..

    Juzer Shaikhally Reply
  • The course was informative and it made me clear some doubts. However, I am looking forward to implementing them when my participants are officially registered.

    Amos Owiti Reply
  • i have enjoyed the said was highly informative.

    atta jan Reply
    • i have learnt a lot.

      atta jan Reply
  • it was wonderful and interactive course.i have learnt a lot.

    atta jan Reply
  • Its very nice to go with the detail of what to do right from the very begining. Thank you!

    Rishav Khanal Reply
  • I have better understanding award implementation now.

    Mikail Serce Reply
  • The course was indeed informative . thank you

    Lebasoko Baleilomaloma Reply
  • Nice to keep updated and easily done

    Doobrajsing Adjodha Reply
  • this was a simple effective course, as simple as the ORB is to use…

    Ricardo Henry Reply
    • Learning Manager

      Good day,

      Thank you for the positive feedback!

      Kind regards,
      Heyns du Bruyn

      Learning Manager Reply
  • It was easy to follow and clear to understand. I have learnt a lot. When I use the system and practice, it will become more meaningful. Thank you.

    Bahar Karaege Reply
  • Course was informative. Will need to go over a few times to really become familiar to assist the participants. Will I get a certificate?

    Marisa Crawford Reply
    • Learning Manager

      Good day,

      The course is only online self-study and no certificate of completion is issued.

      Kind regards,
      Heyns du Bruyn

      Learning Manager Reply
  • Interesting, definitely useful and a good resource to refer back to.

    Clare Leonard Reply
  • This has been eye-opening a lot of questions have been answered

    Mayamiko Zainga Reply
  • The course was very very detailed and helpful. I just hope this is always made available for easy access in case there are details I need to remember.

    Eduardo Aniano Cruza Reply
  • Excellent resource to go back over if I have trouble later on. Thank you.

    Jennie Ranson Reply
  • Information provided was very precise. The course is very helpful. However i will have to go over aspects from time to time. Its good that the information can be reviewed at any time.

    Sharon Hinds Reply
  • it was an informative course that had updated me with so many new things that are necessary for me as unit leader.Ihave enjoyed alot.thanks regards mansoor shah BSS Canal side

    Mansoor shah Reply
  • These videos are very useful but should have been available before the ORB was launched.

    Paul-John D'Rozario Reply
  • I have taken all the courses but I haven’t got certificate for the adventurous journey, online record book for Award leaders and online record book for participants

    Girma Amenu Reply
  • Useful videos. Will be helpful to be able to refer back to them when appropriate.

    Matthew Bentley Reply
  • i am a new registered leader at my unit. When will i have access to the mentees in my unit’s record book?

    Sophie Robson Reply
  • Interesting. It will be good to get into working with the orb.

    Joanne Daly Reply
  • It is new thing to learn and it is very important to learn for award leader

    Sreyrath Thou Reply
  • Good day all.
    Excellent, simple and very interactive learning. I learnt a lot and cannot wait to put my learning into action. Great job! I am on the verge of being totally #WorldReady. Thank you.

    Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo Reply
  • The course was very clear and helpful.

    yaun wang Reply
  • Concise and clear, a real help.

    Ingrid Sherlock Reply
  • Great explanation.

    Kalpana Gangwani Reply
  • Very useful and especially to go back to when needed. 🙂

    shelley dyer Reply
  • Thank you for providing these videos which help put the data entry requirements into perspective.

    Leigh Aitken Reply
  • Thank you for a great course. I feel I now understand the commitment I am making to guide youth on these important journeys of learning.

    Laura Kriss Reply
  • It’s very clear guide and I learnt a lot about ORB. Thank you!

    Shermalin Abdul Basil Reply
  • I have learnt a lot

    Emad Banitaha Reply
  • Very informative

    Asleine Alce Reply
  • Such a good reference, Thankyou

    Rosie Cooper Reply
  • Very helpful

    Tiemke Rijpstra Reply
  • I have learnt a lot

    Kishore Balkeran Reply
  • This was very simple and effective.
    Thank you

    Ashley Backward Reply
  • Many thanks for this informative section. I am sure with they was we are at the moment I will be going back to this a lot as a guide to remember.

    Terri-Lee Sheppard Reply

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