Award Leader Training

Award Leader Training

This course is designed to brief you on all of the essential information when starting as an Award Leader.


Please note:

If you are from an Independent Award Centre (IAC) or external activity provider do not complete this course.  Please complete Level 1: Award Induction and Level 1: Award Delivery, available from the Award Course List’ tab.



Course Materials

Course Content



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  • I have done it.Thank you Award Team! I am very much grateful to the opportunity given to me.

    Thilina Kumarasinghe Reply
  • Done it, phew!

    Martin Foakes Reply
  • Many thanks for making this course available. I have learnt the about the history, philosophy, ethos, roles and all about the different sections of the course. I am now well informed to mentor participants in this life-changing experience.

    Nneka Okafor Reply
  • Thank you for making this course available to everyone who wishes to work and empower our youth of today, and encourage our leaders of tomorrow.

    Ian Wright Reply
  • I have completed the course and have a copy of the certificate. Thank you.

    Jo Jefferis Reply
  • I did it! It was a great learning experience. I get to learn about different sections of awards, roles, history etc. Thank you for this online course.

    Kalina Pradhan Reply
  • Really informative. It ha widened my understanding of what’s all about Award program.

    Lebasoko Baleilomaloma Reply
  • I have completed everything! Thanks for making this course available. It was great doing the course!

    Pushpa Gautam Reply
  • Very informative and stimulating, thanks team.

    Francis Mponda Reply
  • I Have completed the online training. Thank you.

    Surendra Raj Joshi Reply
  • Finally done. I have learnt a lot form the course and I am eager to make use of what I have learnt.

    Mtheto Hara Reply
  • I would suggest not using tabbed sections, they may look nice, but someone scanning over it is much less likely to read bits they need to click on than if these are sections with headings. The fact that many of the tab headings also have hover-over definitions makes it difficult to navigate between them and read the contents.

    Asher Jacobsberg Reply
    • Learning Manager

      Good day Asher,

      Thank you for the feedback and suggestion.

      The course will be redesigned in the next few months and I will add your suggestion to the list of improvements.

      Kind regards
      Heyns du Bruyn

      Learning Manager Reply
  • I have done the online course.Thank you NAO for informing about the course.

    Khagendra Gautam Reply
  • A very good introduction to the role and responsibilities of the Award Leader. A number of the references to the Handbook that I have downloaded are however incorrect and I can find no reference to administration of the Award in that copy of the Handbook. I am looking forward to being involved this very exciting and rewarding training opportunity for our young people.

    Charles Sherrin Reply
  • I have done it. Thank You Award Team.

    Puskar Nath Phulara Reply
  • I have done it. How can I get the copy of certificate of online test?

    Puskar Nath Phulara Reply
  • I have completed it! Thanks Award team for formulating such a useful course for us to support the participants in this Award.

    Imran Khaliq Reply
  • A comprehensive training programme, thank you. The stories of participants activities and development were inspiring.

    Jane Woolley Reply
    • How to get the certificate

      Samina Khan Reply
  • I finished it. It’s a very good experience for me! Thank you!

    ZHEN YU Reply
  • I made it!

    Ruiqiu Ye Liu Reply
  • what a great experience

    victor brincat Reply
  • I think the lines around the tabs areas need to be a little bolder which may help visually. May want to include a key or legend to help differentiate between completed area. Pretty good content wise. Good starting point for all.

    Nigel Ramrattan Reply
  • Completed. Thank you!

    Kalpana Pant Reply
  • I have done it and got certificate. Thanks Team.

    Ram Prasad Paudel Reply
  • Thank you Award team for this course. It’s very interesting and an eye-opener for me. Finally, get through to the end. I hope I’ll be able to inspire and make a difference in many young people’s lives.

    Alex Haro Reply
  • For all Award team, Thanks for all efforts. It was an amazing course very important and informative for all award leader that demand all information to assist all participants

    Mosrafa Rabie Reply
  • “At Last, I did it!”

    Arpana Tamang Reply
  • Thanks for this knowledge so I can continue to help empower the lives of young people

    Kevin Edwards Reply
  • Thank you, Got to learn in depth about the Award through this course, a great platform to empower the youths.

    Anup Mukhia Reply
  • I felt happy to get the chance to complete this course. Thanks a lot ……

    Shekhu Koirala Reply
  • thank you

    sulaiman alzubi Reply
  • How does one start? Where is the link to start?

    Riaan Vosloo Reply
    • Learning Manager

      Good afternoon Riaan,

      That Award Leader course is an old version, for the updated version click on Award Course List, you you have to complete the following first three courses in the top row:
      Level 1: Award Induction
      Level 1: Award Delivery
      Level 2: Adventurous Journey Pre-Learning

      Once you click on a course (Learn More), you need to click on the hyperlink under Lessons and then select Launch. This will open the course content in a new browser.

      Kind regards,
      Heyns du Bruyn

      Learning Manager Reply

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